Aurora’s Best and Most Trusted Pet Sitting Service

“From Cat to Canary, we are here to take care of your pet family”

Cat n’ Canary is an at-home pet sitting service based in Aurora, Colorado that specializes in taking care of your cats and small critters while you’re out and about.

Our small team consists of individuals who are passionate animal lovers. Each member of our team is hand picked and has professional experience working with animals.

Need one of our sitters? Are you within 40 minutes of Aurora City Limits? Call Now!  401-372-3002

We specialize in cat, bird, and small mammal sitting, and guarantee you won’t find another sitting company in Colorado that your pet would be more comfortable with, than us!

While most pet sitting companies consider cats and small pets secondary to their work with dogs we have flipped the script on pet sitting and focus exclusively on cats and small pets! With specialization comes better quality!

aurora pet photo of cat

Photo courtesy of Fur Face Photography


Want more information on our services? Here is Everything You Need to Know!

 Cat N Canary is a small team, based in Aurora Colorado. We may not have the ability to schedule the time you need. The more advance notice you give us, the more likely we will have our schedules open to pet-sit for you!

Emergency Contact: We ask for you to provide us with contact information for your pet’s primary veterinarian. We can accept a veterinarian outside of the Denver/Aurora area as long as they are comfortable providing medical guidance over the phone in case of emergency. If you do not provide information for your pet’s veterinarian, or do not have a relationship with a local clinic, we will use our trusted AAHA accredited vet clinic in case of an emergency.

To learn more about AAHA accreditation and why your veterinarian should be accredited click here.

We do require you to provide us with contact information for a person who, in unexpected circumstances or an emergency, will be able to care for your pets in our place. If in the event something happens where we are unable to make it to your home, we will attempt to notify you immediately and will proceed to contact the emergency caretaker provided.

Confirmation Call:

Because we know plans can change fast, it is important to us that each appointment is confirmed within 24 hours of us visiting your house. If we are unable to get ahold of you after a confirmed appointment, we will proceed with our original pet sitting agreement. If you no longer need our services, you can always call us to cancel.

*If you do not cancel our services before we drive to the location, you will be charged a flat $20 and an additional $.75 per mile outside of Aurora city limits.

Keys: We will need a key to get into your house. You can either stash your key in a place you disclose to us, or we can pick up a copy during our meet-and-greet. As part of our service, you agree to give us access to your home. In return, we will ensure your pets and home are safe and well taken care of. We can also keep your keys on file as needed.

Visiting Times: Although we will do our best to visit your home at the agreed-upon time, we reserve the right to adjust our visiting time if circumstances require. If we are unable to make it to your home within two hours of our scheduled visiting time, we will notify you. In the case of agreed upon and time sensitive medical treatments, we can prioritize visits to your home.

Other Pets: We primarily pet sit for felines, birds, and small mammals that require minimal care. Unfortunately, we do not pet sit for dogs or other species with complicated care requirements. If you have specific questions on this, please contact us.

Your Pet’s Vaccinations: It is up to your own discretion as to whether or not your animal is up to date on vaccines.  We are not responsible for any costs or damages that occur caused by exposure to any ailment or disease, received by an animal that’s not up to date on vaccines. Please see our veterinarian recommendation above if you need information on how to get your pet vaccinated.

Medications: Our staff is fully trained in administering medications and vaccines. We will medicate your pet as directed, to the best of our ability! However, we are not responsible for any complications that may occur. If we feel we are unable to medicate your animal safely, we will thoroughly discuss the situation with you to find the best solution.

Illness and Disease: Due to the risk of spreading disease, we will not service any animal with an illness or disease deemed contagious to other animals or people.

Messes and Stains: Although we will do the best we can to reasonably clean up messes and stains, we are not liable for any damages or stains created by your pet.

Severe Weather: While your pets are in our care, we are committed to caring for them as we would our own pets. We will use our best judgment in circumstances such as severe weather, to ensure your animals are cared for to the best of our ability. If at any time we feel we are unable to safely travel to your home to take care of your animals, we will notify you immediately. (We keep a close eye on the weather and will discuss emergency options if needed.)

Other People in Home: So that you and our sitters are on the same page, please let us know if you are expecting any workers or guests at your home while you are gone.