Our Team

Our small team consists of individuals who are passionate animal lovers and are particularly well equipped to take care of your cat, bird, or small mammal.

  • parakeet2Each of our pet sitters has at least three years prior experience working in the animal medical field.
  • Our sitters are equipped to recognize possible medical concerns with your pet that may occur in your absence, and to take immediate action if needed.
  • Each sitter has extensive experience with medicating animals (especially cats) and will medicate safely and properly in a way that is least stressful to your pet.
  • Our pet sitters know how to perform CPR on your pet in the case of an emergency.
  • Our sitters have fostered and cared for animals of all types and ages, giving them experience taking care of a wide variety of animals.
  • We are not only concerned about your pet’s physical needs but will ensure that their emotional needs are cared for to the best of our ability as well.
  • In addition to providing exceptional care for your critters, we offer to take care of other basic house-sitting needs while you are gone (if requested), such as watering plants, turning lights on or off, collecting mail, etc, at no additional cost!
  • Although we specialize in “cat sitting”, we will also care for other small pets, such as birds, hamsters, or ferrets.

hamsterAs fellow animal lovers and pet owners, Cat N Canary is dedicated to providing the best care for your cats, birds, and small mammals in Denver and Aurora! We strive to go above and beyond with our pet sitting services. Instead of just doing a quick check-in or feeding, we will also spend time playing, interacting, or just hanging out with your pet (as they choose).

We all know how finicky pets can be around new people, cats in particular! Unlike many general pet-sitters you may find, our team understands the way cats are wired. Each member of our small team has exceptional skills when it comes to caring for, handling, and interacting with cats. With us, you can trust that your cat will feel safe, comfortable, and understood.cat12